Donna Longman

Born and educated in Toronto, Donna was interested in 'cityscapes'. Raising four boys with her husband Reg, and living in various farming communities near Cornwall, Ottawa and beautiful Northumberland County brought a love for the gentle ways of the rural farm people. This love is reflected in many of her country landscapes. Annual holidays in the United Kingdom have provided an unending challenge to capturing the lovely countryside of the British Isles on canvas.

Donna uses specific memories to create her oil paintings. She stretches her canvas to a chosen size, then primes and paints on-site or from her vast collection of reference photographs. Each painting has a story.

Her art has been exhibited in various shows, including at the Scarborough Civic Centre, the Toronto Dominion Centre and at libraries in Cornwall and Scarborough. Her work can be found in private collections in British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick and the United Kingdom.





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