Patricia Hester


a.k.a. "Patrisha"

I studied Art and Film History, Drama and Drawing and graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Once I started working, I rarely had time to paint, so I took some courses at night and during holidays.

At the Toronto School of Art, I took a course in watercolours with Alex Cameron and Lynn Donohue, and when at the National Portrait Academy, I studied portraiture in oil and egg tempera with Michael John Angel. During a summer course with Thelma Lituski, I painted in watercolours.

Florals, landscapes, still lifes and portraits in watercolours are my main focus. I enjoy the fluidity and spontaneity of the medium, as well as the brilliance of colours.

Tel:    905-373-8305

"Poppy Garden"     Watercolour

"Where is Summer?"     Watercolour


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