Orn Haraldsson

Orn was born in Iceland and moved to Canada in December 1968. His first interest in art developed during high school in Reykjavik;  his experience there included drawings, sketches, painting in watercolour, and creating clay sculpture as well as working in other media. Once in Canada, Orn was focused on family and work, which left him no time for art.

He resumed creating art shortly after his retirement in 2006, after being inspired by YouTube artists such as Bill Alexander, Kevin Hill and Ed Martyniuk. In the basement studio he built for himself, Orn has worked primarily in oils, and has painted mostly landscapes and seascapes. He seeks to expand upon his experience by painting portraits of people and animals, as well as of structures such as cityscapes and smaller settings.

Orn hasn't participated in any exhibits but enjoys sharing his art with family and friends. According to his wife Norma, Orn has given away his best artwork.

Orn looks forward to working alongside Pine Ridge Art Association members and getting new ideas and learning new techniques from this very talented group of artists.



"Sunset #2"  







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